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Media Wiimote

My computer setup is an interesting one. I have my TV hooked up to my computer, allowing me to watch my downloaded Anime on the screen while laying down, as opposed to having to sit on a computer chair to do it. Its much more relaxing to do that.

However, there is one down side. While my computer is only a meter from my bed (2 meters from where I lay) thats still more then a meter furthur away from me then I want to have to move to pause it. Also, im almost unable to navigate the actuall video without sitting at my PC, pulling the video from my second screen (the TV), and then doing it. Not so fun.

After the release of the Nintendo Wii, as well as feeling a Windows Media Center PC remote and how easyer it was to drive, I decided that I wanted to get a remote to operate the basics on my computer. I looked up a few possible options, but none appear to meet my exact needs...

Untill I stumbled upon the Wii Remote controler, nicknamed the Wiimote. With its abilites, it was a good candidate for a media remote for my PC. I had already watched a video showing someone playing Half Life 2 using the Wiimote so I already knew it was able to connect. That night, I sat down and surfed around for more info. Leading to me deciding to go ahead. Leading me to write it all here for those who want to know.

These pages detail everything I have done when it comes to my Media Wiimote.

-In LotB IRC Chat-
***Hibiki runs to the kitchen and garggles using all the milk.
***Kisuzu pouts
Kisuzu: I was going to drink that later!
***Hibiki looks to her.
***Hibiki has a mouthful of milk.
***Hibiki KISSES her.
***Kisuzu is kissed by total surprise
***Hibiki shares the mikl that way.
***Kisuzu is forced to drink it so she doesnt choke, and coughs and splutters after she pulls away from him
***Kisuzu holds her throat. "Ugh!! Hibiki!! I didn't want it like that!!"
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