Enhanced Chat Links

This is a script to add a Mall, Collection, PM and Kmail link into standard KoL chat.

Its a modified version of one from here...

Changes to that script

  • Added Collection Link
  • Removed Ignore Link
  • Removed Trade Link
  • Added Space after name (for selecting name)

Just save this link as a bookmark, and use it while in KoL, and it will take effect....
Chat Links Script
NOTE: IE has some issues with large Favorites, so it might not work in IE...

NOTE: There is a bit of a bug. You need to use it AT LEAST ONCE after the effect has reached the bottom of your chat. So, if you use it right after opening it, it should be fine. Otherwise, you will have to keep re-using it untill it reaches the bottom, adn then use it another time.

NEW: Create your own version. Include only those options you want...
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