Custom Enhanced Chat Links

Since most of the contents of this script are easy to change, I can use a nice little PHP script to make custom ones for people! Sweet!

Just choose the options you want below...

  • The Checkbox defines if you want the line in there
  • The Posistion Field asks in what order you want them. If you put the same number in twice, it will just give an error, and throw away your choces. So dont do it!
    Order is disbaled, untill I can perfect that code.
  • The Colour field asks what colour to make it. You can use a Hex Code, or a few standard colour names (look down).

[m] A Link directly to the person's store
[c] A Link directly to the person's collection.
[p] A Link to put "/msg {idnumber} " into the chat message box
[k] A Link to start a KMail
[t] A Link to start a trade
[b] A Link to /baleet someone

Some Standard Colours...

aqua black blue fuchsia
gray green lime maroon
navy olive purple red
silver teal white yellow